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Book Breakfast a Day to Remember

On Saturday, November 16, the Fort Lee Education Association hosted its second PRIDE event for the 2013-2014 school year: The Kindergarten Book Breakfast.  Fort Lee’s Kindergarten students and their parents from across the district were  treated to a delightful morning which included breakfast for all attendees, complimentary books for each child (courtesy of the Association), and entertainment by Sprinkles the Clown.

The children watched and listened in rapt admiration as  Sprinkles transformed herself from “Patty”–a regular human being  and Mom–to Sprinkles the Clown.  Even the adults in the room were mesmerized by Sprinkles’ wizardry!

Thanks to Chairpersons Crystal Tuozzolo and Alexis Callanan , and with the help of so many F.L.E.A. volunteers,  The Kindergarten Book Breakfast was a great success. This was truly a special “day to remember” for the Fort Lee Community.

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Click here for more photos of the event.

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