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President’s Message

The Fort Lee Education Association (FLEA) is composed of professionals who hold a wide variety of positions with varying degrees of responsibilities. The single common thread that binds all of our members is their dedication to the children of the Fort Lee School District. Every member does whatever is needed to help each child become the very best he or she can be. The Fort Lee Education Association is a diverse, democratic, and inclusive organization continually working to create an optimal environment through which students can achieve excellence in the public schools of the district. A tradition of excellence is inherent in the work of our Association members who teach our students, maintain our buildings & support the educational programs of the district. I am extremely proud and honored to represent the four hundred and fifty members of the Fort Lee Education Association.


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    Over 1,000 Lakewood Education Association (LEA) members and residents packed the Lakewood High School auditorium Wednesday night to protest the board of education’s proposed budget including $14.7 million dollars in cuts to staff, programs, and supplies. Massive layoffs and program reductions may result in the loss of 119 certified staff members—including al […]

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